MRE Contacts:

Address: MD-2005
Republic of Moldova, Chisinau,
60/2, Puskin str.
Phone: (+373 22) 26 06 78
Fax: (+373 22) 26 07 36
Mobile: +373 60 24 46 90

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About us

About us

The dynamic evolution on the local business market imposes a new vision and a new approach on a real estate company.  Such a company should put together its knowledge, resources and experience for the success of its clients.  The name of such a company is Management Real Estate.

Our experience is based on a unique combination of professionalism, exigency, flexibility, and permanent improvement of rendered services.  Our values allow us to establish and to reach our goals. We keep in touch and interact with our clients, always offering solutions perfectly adapted to their style, needs and requirements. 

The commitment of our company's professionals guarantees the success of your business and allows us to progress together.


The active presence on a competitive market, which is constantly expanding, assumes the facing up to multiple and complex challenges. In order to succeed in confrontation with these challenges we intend to rely on our professionalism, exigency and flexibility, to act according to our client expectations, to improve permanently the quality of rendered services. These features confer us a representative image on the Moldovan real estate market.

Thus, due to our values, we are always establishing and reaching our goals. We propose ourselves to be proactive and always to be the ones who outline the future standards. We try to attract and improve the most motivated people from the field in order to create reliable teams capable to cover large areas of expertise. Thus we strengthen our power in sales, implementation, consultation and advising. It is very important for us to maintain communication, to interact with our clients and to always offer solutions perfectly adjusted to their style, needs and requirements.

We know that the success in business can be reached only by continuously overcoming one's own standards, learning and experiencing new things.  That is why we propose ourselves to concentrate on expanding our activity towards new segments of the real estate market.
Our desire to reach these objectives is the engine that keeps us moving in all directions.


In its everyday relations with the clients Management Real Estate underlines such values like honesty, receptivity to clients' needs, respectful attitude towards any client and profound responsibility while rendering any service to clients.

The constant evolution of our company and its standing out in the business circles of the same field of activity are due to our departments' capability to develop complex services. These services offer to our clients a fast access to the best opportunities on the real estate market.

Thus, Management Real Estate has as a fundamental value the concern of its employees in studying and analyzing all aspects that may offer to its clients a real profitable business.

Our strategy

We strive to excel in everything we do. Trying to focus on quality, details and innovations we have as a target to build high quality projects and to increase their value at all stages of the development process.

Management Real Estate focuses on distinct projects leads a group of special purpose companies and operates with a team of pro-active, highly skilled and experienced local professionals with an international professional background, responsible for specific sections of the real estate development “value chain”, namely:

  • Acquiring land;
  • Obtaining permits;
  • Constructing a development;
  • Managing assets held as investments;
  • Disposing of assets;
  • Renting office spaces.

Management Real Estate seeks to obtain success at every stage of this chain in order to increase the incomes and to allow the delivery of exceptional incomes to investors and stakeholders. In order to obtain such results we combine the best international business practice with the unrivalled local knowledge for creating Management Real Estate managed companies that emphasizes the:

  • Integrity;
  • Discipline;
  • Vigor;
  • Professionalism;
  • Local knowledge;
  • Unrivalled local networks.